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NAOH Skincare - MAN- Rejuvenating

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NAOH (nā-o) soap bars are proudly made in Australia. Small-batch. Hand Poured. Cruelty Free.

We include only what is necessary to refresh and nourish your skin. Limited to 12 ingredients or less, our soap bars are powered with natural ingredients that not only provide unique skin benefits, but also uplift and revitalise.

MAN- Rejuvenating

A Rejuvenating Body Bar Experience.

Inspired by pure masculinity and strength. This incredible Body Bar is powered by natural Yellow Clay, an effective detoxifier and anti-inflammatory ingredient that revitalizes and regenerates.

Ground Pumice Stone, bursting with balsamic minerals silicon, magnesium, oxygen and iron, is added to provide a highly effective exfoliation which keeps skin soft and radiant.

With a combination of Cedarwood and Black Pepper pure essential oils, NAOH Man/ carries warm wood and spice notes, and is perfect for relieving sore muscles, assisting with moderate acne, dermatitis, hair loss, hair strengthening and overall body balance.


Yellow Clay, Ground Pumice Stone, Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sustainable Palm, Purified Water, NaOH (lye)