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Meeraboo - Paper Daisy

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Enjoy the unique smells of local Australian wildflowers with this beautiful Australiana scented candle.

Bright and cheerful, the native Paper Daisy grows in unexpected places and has the ability to thrive under the harsh Australian conditions.

Paper Daisies are known for their variety and versatility. They grow in a vivid array of colours including magnificent variations of white, pink, red, orange, gold and bronze.

The scent - Green and youthful, with notes of violet, amber and daisy petals

Candle Size:

  • Large - 300g / 50+ hours / double wick / 10cm (h) x 8.5cm (w)

This beautiful Australiana candle is packaged in a box with illustrated native flora and fauna by Holly Sanders. Holly is a proud Aboriginal Bundjalung woman from North Coast, New South Wales. Through her art, she aims to share her stories, culture and Country in a contemporary way. The colours and patterns utilised in her art are a reflection of her connection to Country and used to develop a modern interpretation of her Aboriginal culture. Painting is important for her identity, wellbeing and expresses the way she understands and respects her culture, ancestors and Country.

The candle makes a beautiful Australian gift for someone special or for you and your home. It has been hand poured buy a small family owned Australian business based in the New South Wales bush.

To prolong the life of your candle -

  • when lighting it for the first time, burn for a minimum of 2 hours or until the wax melts across the entire surface of the jar. This prevents tunnelling and creates an even burn.
  • Do not burn your candle for longer than 4 hours at one time. This can damage the wick which may cause it to fall over, lift or result in an undesirable burn.
  • Before each burn, trim wick to promote an even burn, steady flame and limit mushrooming of the wick.