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Got You Girl - Start the Conversation Cards

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The Got You Girl ‘Start the conversation’ cards were created to help women start conversations on the topics we don’t often like to talk about. Included are 22 taboo topic cards on taboo topics such as sex, relationships, breasts, hormones, chronic illness, nutrition, vaginas, body images, race and mental health just to name a few.

Start the conversation is perfect for your next girls night whether that be in person or virtual. There are 4 different ways you can ‘play’ or start the conversations. As women, it’s important that we start these conversations so we can not only learn from others experiences but help normalise conversations on these topics.

The four ways you can play are ;

1: GIRLS NIGHT - Pull out the cards at your next girls night and go around the table/circle and ask each other a question. You have three passes where you can pass on a question you may not feel comfortable answering. Ideally try and answer as many as possible as this can not only help you, but the friends you are sharing with too. Never underestimate the power of a personal experience. 

2: STOP I NEED A DRINK FOR THIS - We know these conversations can be tricky. So we have created a drinks game to help with the flow. To start you must have the music pumping (all the good vibes) and a quick dance party before you begin. The rules for this one are for every question you would like to skip, you take a shot (your choice of beverage). No-one can say the words ‘just say it’ if they do they have to take a shot. 

3. I CAN’T SEE YOU BUT I CAN SEE YOU - Who doesn’t love a virtual catchup with a friend/s. Just because it’s a virtual catchup doesn’t mean that you can’t start the conversation. This is a great way to connect with friends domestically or even internationally. Via zoom, FaceTime, Skype, your options are endless when it comes to virtual, face to face catchups. 

4.TEXT YOU LATER - We all have a group chat with our friends right (if not, it’s time to start)? Use the conversation cards to select a question to ask in the group chat. From there, have everyone answer in their own time without feeling pressured to answer straight away. It’s also a great way to keep connected and checked in with friends when you don’t get to see them often.


** please note that some of these topics may trigger someone reading the question or answering the question without warning. We have included resource cards to help support some of these conversations***