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Serenitoys - Off Roader Car

  • $40.00
Tax included.
Don't forget these...

This is a bigger version of one of our koche cars. It has bigger and wider wheels ready to beat the mud and rocks! (of course, we're talking about the small world play here hahaha!) Imagination at its finest and kids are so good at that! 


All parts are lovingly handmade here at Serenitoys workshop. Materials used are locally and sustainably-sourced as well. This will be finished with natural beeswax that is food-grade to reveal the wood grain's natural beauty.


Since all of our products are handmade, all item is unique. The actual product that you will purchase may not be exactly the same as the ones in the photos due to wood individuality. There may be slight differences in the colors or shapes but we try our best to create as similar as we can.


Dimensions: approx. 8.5cm long x 7cm wide x 5cm high


*Wooden people, koche and wooden rocks not included